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Christian Choral Music

O, the Holy Night when Jesus Christ was Born Catch the Spirit, Tell the Story! I Asked Love
I Asked Love
Our Price: $1.95
RDP01007 - High, Medium or Low Solo Voice RDP00207,  SATB RDP00407,  SATB
Prayer of St Francis Ask, and It Shall Be Given You Let Our Easter Now Begin
Prayer of St Francis
Our Price: $5.00
RDP01407 - High, Medium or Low Solo Voice RDP00107 SATB, Soprano or Tenor Solo RDP00507,  SATB
The Star Give God's Love Away A Time for Peace
The Star
Our Price: $1.90
Give God's Love Away
Our Price: $2.40
A Time for Peace
Our Price: $5.99
RDP02207, SATB RDP00307,  SATB, S or T descant RDP02707, SATB with Solo for High, Medium or Low Voice
Thirty Pieces of Silver Put a Little Jesus in Everything We Do The Lord's Prayer
Thirty Pieces of Silver
Our Price: $5.00
The Lord's Prayer
Our Price: $1.90
RDP02307 - High, Medium or Low Solo Voice, Optional SATB RDP01807, Unison Voices RDP00607, SATB

Welcome to the Richard DeMone Publications, LLC, Christian Choral Music website

Here you will find a variety of original musical compositions written by Richard DeMone for church choirs and soloists and for secular choral groups and singers. Richard DeMone’s compositions, many of which are Christian choral music, were written to be singable, likeable, inspirational, and easy to learn. Although many of Richard’s pieces were created as Christian choral music, they are not limited to any one particular denomination or religious tradition. Many of the compositions can be (and have been) used in Jewish worship, at political gatherings such as 911 memorials, in school chorus settings, or as pop songs.

For the purpose of ease of reading and offering his music at a lower cost, many of the anthems and solos are in 8 1/2” x 11” format. As well as receiving a minimum of five copies of Christian choral music to be shipped, the customer can obtain all of the pieces via direct download from the website for a low bulk-purchase price, as well, with no restrictions on the number of copies you make for your choral group.

Please take the time to explore our website, find out more about Harvard graduate, Richard DeMone, The Company (Richard DeMone Publications), and browse through the musical compositions. Within each product you can hear a full audio sample, as well as view a brief sample of the sheet music itself.