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The Alphabet - Piano Accompaniment
The Alphabet - Piano Accompaniment

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Our Price: $5.99
Pages: 20
Run Time: 4:49
Format: 8 1/2" x 11"
Voices: Full Piano Accompaniment

Product Code: CKW-01011PA

“The Alphabet” song is a secular unison concert piece with twenty-five short solos.  It is easy and fun to learn, and it comes with simple staging suggestions.  The catchy refrain is sung by the entire group of singers, and each letter of the alphabet has a short solo, personifying that letter alliteratively,  such as “I’m A.  I’m Appealing, Attractive, All right.  I’m the Apple of everyone’s eye.” Since “M” and “N” can’t remember who’s who, there are twenty-five delightful solos, and some interact with each other, such as “O,”  who chastises “M or N”:  “I’m O. You’re Overdoing it, you Overted Oaf!  Now Omit the gab and move Over there!”  The song is geared to children, but it is hilarious when performed by any combination of adults, youth, and children.  One suggestion for staging is for each participant to make a poster- size replica of his or her letter, and after singing the solo take the next place in a line that eventually becomes the entire alphabet across the stage.  Please note: it is not necessary to have twenty-five soloists, if they are not available:  the poster of the letter can be placed on a chair, and the singer can perform another solo.